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Decision Making in Manufacturing and Services

a journal of AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków, Poland


Vol. 8, 2014, No. 1-2


Maximization of an Asymmetric Utility Function by the Least Squares
Kiyoshi Yoneda, Antonio Carlos Moretti
pp. 5-12, Full Text PDF (260 K)

Very Fast Non-dominated Sorting
Czesław Smutnicki, Jaroslaw Rudy, Dominik Zelazny
pp. 13-22, Full Text PDF (390 K)

Selected Approaches for Testing Asset Pricing Models Using Polish Stock Market Data
Anna Czapkiewicz, Iwona Skalna
pp. 23-38, Full Text PDF (290 K)

Corrections & Amendments

Corrigendum to ”Neighbourhood Properties in Some Single Processor Scheduling Problem with Variable Efficiency and Additional Resources”
Mateusz Gorczyca, Adam Janiak, Władysław Janiak
pp. 39, Full Text PDF (130 K)

Corrigendum to ”Extended Model Formulation of the Proportional Lot-Sizing and Scheduling Problem with Lost Demand Costs”
Waldemar Kaczmarczyk
pp. 41, Full Text PDF (120 K)