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Decision Making in Manufacturing and Services

a journal of AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków, Poland


Review process

Papers submitted for possible publication in DMMS are initially evaluated by the editors with regard to their suitability for the journal. This refers most of all to the content and its scientific quality. Papers with insufficient contribution to our fields of interest and/or poor organisation and/or not prepared in the required style are rejected without delay so that the authors can improve or submit their work elsewhere.

The manuscripts that are ultimately registered are submitted to 2 reviewers for blind review. Papers are accepted unconditionally if the reviewers agree that they may be published in their present form. Otherwise, the reviews are forwarded to the authors for paper revision and comments on the reviewers' remarks. Paper revisions are submitted for re-review if requested by the reviewers or justified by the editors. The final decision on paper publication (accept/reject) is made by the editors and is not subject to appeal nor justification. The full review process takes approximately 4 months, but the editors do not set a deadline for the final decision.

DMMS publishes only papers that are original and have not been submitted elsewhere. Also, we require that any and all contributions of institutions and/or individuals to the submitted work be clearly stated in the paper. Any cases of ghostwriting or guest authorship will be disclosed and properly reported.

Referee’s Report

You can download report form as MS Word document (52 kB) here.