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Decision Making in Manufacturing and Services

a journal of AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków, Poland


Vol. 1, 2007, No. 1–2


Tadeusz Sawik
p. 4, Full Text PDF (77 K)

Three-Machine Flowshop Scheduling Problem to Minimize Total Completion Time with Bounded Setup and Processing Times
Ali Allahverdi
pp. 5–23, Full Text PDF (432 K)

Batch Scheduling of Deteriorating Products
Maksim S. Barketau, T.C. Edwin Cheng, Mikhail Y. Kovalyov, C.T. Daniel Ng
pp. 25–34, Full Text PDF (230 K)

Optimizing Modular Machining Line Design Problem with Mixed Activation Mode of Machining Units

Sana Belmokhtar, Alexandre Dolgui, Xavier Delorme, Ivan Ignatenko
pp. 35-48, Full Text PDF (223 K)

The Errors-in-Variable Model in the Optimal Portfolio Construction

Anna Czapkiewicz, Małgorzata Machowska
pp. 49-57, Full Text PDF (364 K)

Resource Management in Machine Scheduling Problems: A Survey
Adam Janiak, Władysław Janiak, Maciej Lichtenstein
pp. 59-89, Full Text PDF (460 K)

Scheduling with High Variety of Customized Compound Products

Czesław Smutnicki
pp. 91-110, Full Text PDF (334 K)

The Art and Science of Modeling Decision-Making Under Severe Uncertainty

Moshe Sniedovich
pp. 111-136, Full Text PDF (485 K)

A Distributed Decision-Support System for Virtual Prototyping

Thomas M. Tirpak, Lawrence E. Lach, Weimin Xiao, Juan M. Lopez
pp. 137-152, Full Text PDF (418 K)

Advances in Cone-Based Preference Modeling for Decision Making with Multiple Criteria
Margaret M. Wiecek
pp. 153-173, Full Text PDF (248 K)

Elevator Trip Distribution for Inconsistent Passenger Input-Output Data

Kiyoshi Yoneda
pp. 175-190, Full Text PDF (200 K)